Why Should I Buy a Honda Electric Vehicle?

February 4th, 2022 by

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Why Should I Buy a Honda Electric Vehicle?

“Charge” Up Exhilaration with an EV

Eager to hit the road in a car that’s all about blending efficiency, exhilaration, and environmental safety in one package? Then you’re looking at the benefits of an Electric Vehicle, where your drives can become clean, fun, and affordable. Also, with the Honda EV lineup, you’re almost guaranteed to find a model that meets your driving needs, from SUVs to sleek sedans. See how driving electric cars can upgrade your cruising experience; stop by Honda of Gainesville near Ocala and test drive your favorite Electric vehicles.

Clean Riding: Benefits Beyond Savings at the Pump

When you cruise in an electric car, one of the top ways you’ll save is by saving at the pump with massive fuel efficiency in hybrids and no longer needing the gas station in full-electric models. Also, you’ll earn money back with potential tax incentives to help you generate some cash for cruising in your EV, helping reimburse your annual costs of driving.

Also, on top of saving money for yourself, you’re helping save the environment, as driving a plug-in hybrid model in full-electric mode release no tailpipe emissions—and it’s usually easy to travel more than 20 miles in this setting, which is usually enough range to help you run errands around local areas like Jacksonville.

For exhilaration, electric motors pack instant torque, helping you feel a near-immediate blast off when your foot taps the gas pedal. In an urban setting, this helps you turn left at two-way stop signs and four-way intersections in bustling traffic safely and with peace of mind. Additionally, getting up to an urban pace in seconds assists you in squeezing in tight spots on the highway alongside feeling a spirited cruise on the open road.

What Honda EVs Are Available to Me?

For the 2022 model year, Honda offers three stellar hybrid models, starting with the ultra-smooth and suave Honda Insight, where you’ll cruise in a stylish sedan that steals the show with ease while delivering an easy ride for commutes and road trips. Meanwhile, the 2022 Honda Accord takes on a hybrid form with the most efficient Accord in history, delivering up to EPA-estimated 48 highway mpg to help keep your commutes through Jacksonville affordable and efficient while also delivering non-stop exhilaration with more than 200 total system horsepower.

Want an efficient crossover? The 2022 Honda CR-V hybrid is ready for the job with up to EPA-estimated 40 city mpg while also packing standard all-wheel drive to help ensure you leave no roads untraveled.

Efficiency Calls: Explore Honda Hybrid Models

Eager to hit the roads in a sleek, smooth, and exhilarating EV? Visit us at Honda of Gainesville to explore our Honda Hybrid lineup and to test drive your favorite EVs. While you’re here, we’ll also assist you in any way possible, whether it’s helping you with financial planning or exploring how battery packs and EV charging works—it’s only the start of how we help as your Honda dealership in Gainesville.

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