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Let’s Talk About Oil Changes!

The oil change service is one of the most vital and essential maintenance services that you can perform for your vehicle. Did you know that your engine is particular about the type of oil that it uses? Did you know that the type of oil filter it uses can make a difference in how long your engine lasts over its lifetime? Roll up your sleeves with us as we explore the art of the oil change, and how this simple act can help your engine serve you for many miles to come. When you’re ready, we welcome you to come into Honda of Gainesville and trust your car with the experts if you’re looking for expert oil change services in Gainesville.

Smooth Drives With Fresh Oil

The oil in your engine is like its blood; it’s responsible for ensuring that the engine lives and continues to run through heat, cold, traffic, stress, high RPMs, and everything else that it’s subjected to throughout its life of service. Your oil is tasked with keeping the hundreds of moving parts within your engine, cool and lubricated. Your oil can also help remove or prevent carbon deposits from settling in your engine and causing damage. If you ever ran your engine without oil, it would literally self-destruct. WIthout oil, the friction from the moving parts in your engine would cause its internal components to get hotter and hotter until one or many of its components fail. Running your engine with old, unchanged oil can, unfortunately, cause it to meet the same fate.

Over time, as oil constantly circulates through your engine, removing deposits, and being exposed to various temperatures, it begins to lose its efficacy. While the type of oil you use, along with your own driving habits will determine how often you need to get your oil changed, ensuring that your oil is changed on a routine basis is vital to your engine’s health. Schedule your appointment with our experts today and trust your Honda to the care of the experts.

When Should You Change Your Oil?

How often your oil needs to be changed will largely vary based on your driving habits and the type of oil that your engine requires. Conventional oil, which is oil fracked and refined from the earth, offers essential protection, and needs to be changed roughly every 3,000-5,000 miles. Synthetic Blend oil is often used for high mileage engines that need a little extra attention. These types of oils generally feature a conventional oil base, but consist of synthetic additives such as detergents and sealants to prevent leaks and address carbon deposits. These types of oils generally need to be changed out every 5,000-7,500 miles.

Synthetic oil is an engine lubricant made completely in a lab and it is engineered to offer the most protection for your engine. Generally used in high performance engines, synthetic oil lasts the longest, generally needing to be changed roughly every 7,500-10,000 miles.

A Little Care Goes a Long Way

Taking care of your engine is important, as premature engine failure is one of the most expensive repairs that a vehicle owner can incur. Premature engine failure of a small 4-cylinder engine can cost upwards of $5,000, a cost that can be avoided with routine maintenance, such as regular oil change services.

Trust Your Honda Service Experts

Here at our Gainesville service center, we give your Honda the treatment it deserves. Each of our certified technicians knows your Honda from bumper to bumper, and can perform the flush and change of your engine oil, along with all of your other services, like tire rotations, brake pad replacements and more.

Our technicians use nothing but Genuine Honda replacement parts, and perform services and repairs according to factory specs to ensure that your Honda offers the performance and legendary reliability that you expect.

Striving to save you money, we feature incredible service specials, including valuable oil change coupons to help you get the right Honda service at the right price.

Don’t trust your vehicle with an independent mechanic, schedule service today with our expert service department and trust your Honda in the hands of the experts.

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