What You Need to Know Before Your Next Oil Change

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What to Know About Your Next Oil Change

What You Need to Know Before Your Next Oil Change

Why Your Car Needs an Oil Change

A well-maintained car is a great travel companion with better performance, longevity, and safety. It also gives you peace of mind knowing you can rely on your vehicle not to break down when you least expect it.

One of the best ways to maintain your vehicle is to replace your engine oil regularly, as the manufacturer recommends, and check the oil level every time you head out, especially if you’re gearing up for a long-distance drive with cargo in tow.

An oil change is essential to your vehicle. It improves its fuel efficiency and lifespan. It also helps protect your engine and other components from corrosion and damage caused by engine wear, sludge, debris, and other buildup.

At Honda of Gainesville, we provide expert oil change services as part of our routine maintenance services administered by expert mechanics trained and certified by Honda. If you want to pamper your car to live longer and better, we are the place to be.

Visit Honda of Gainesville in Gainesville, FL, and find out why we are the trusted Honda service provider and maintenance destination by our loyal customers.

When is it Time for an Oil Change?

For most drivers, the rule of thumb is to change oil every 3,000 miles for older cars and every 6,000 miles for newer models. But, of course, every vehicle is different, depending on daily use and the temperature it is exposed to.

You can find what your vehicle’s manufacturer recommends for oil change intervals by consulting your Owner’s Manual. You’ll also find the type of oil your car needs for better performance. At the same time, your vehicle will give you hints when it needs an oil change.

Watch out for these signs to help you remember to administer the oil change on your own or take your vehicle for professional and expert routine Maintenance:

  • Your oil is sludgy and dirty
  • You can hear unusual noises when you start your vehicle
  • The little symbol for oil maintenance is lit with matching Maintenance Required written on your dashboard
  • A burning smell and smoke are coming out of your exhaust pipe
  • Your oil level is lower than usual
  • You feel certain vibrations inside your vehicle
  • You have trouble shifting your gears

Invest in Expert Maintenance Services

Changing your car’s oil is fine if you have the proper skills. If you don’t, taking your vehicle for professional maintenance is your best option.

During routine maintenance, your mechanic should properly diagnose your vehicle and address issues your car is dealing with with the right tools and equipment approved by the manufacturer. You should also get expert recommendations to help you care for your car now and for the long haul.

Honda of Gainesville offers expert mechanics and technicians certified and trained by Honda to ensure every vehicle we service is reliable, safe, and capable of tackling challenging road conditions. We use state-of-the-art equipment to diagnose your car’s problems accurately, administer premium care, and provide the best recommendations.

If you’ve been searching for the best oil change in Gainesville, you’ve come to the right place.

Enjoy a Well-Maintained Honda for the Long Haul

Want to keep your Honda longer for more exciting travels together? You can, but only if you take it for professional maintenance services for better performance, safety, comfort, and reliability.

Honda of Gainesville is ready to take care of your Honda, from expert routine maintenance, including premium oil changes, to repairs when you bring your car to our Service Center. For help with scheduling an appointment or availing of our service specials, speak with our customer service representatives at the dealership during business hours or online anytime.

Visit Honda of Gainesville in Gainesville, FL, and schedule your oil change today!

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