Leasing vs. Financing: What’s Right for You

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Leasing vs. Financing: What’s Right for You

Leasing vs. Financing: What’s Right for You

Leasing vs. Financing From Honda of Gainesville

When considering a new Honda, you may find yourself torn between leasing vs. financing. And, if you’re like many drivers, you may be trying to first understand the difference between lease vs. finance.

The good news is that there are perks to both options. Depending on how you wish to proceed, there may also be drawbacks to one over the other. These next few sections are designed to simplify the decision-making process with a compare/contrast of the two popular options.

Regardless of your decision of a Honda lease or Honda financing, the preferred Honda dealership to make it all happen is Honda of Gainesville. Our goals for every customer are simple; inform and elate. So, to help bring you up to speed with all there is to understand and consider, please continue reading.

Pros and Cons of Leasing Your Next Honda

When leasing a Honda, you are essentially renting the new vehicle for a determined amount of time. Leasing companies typically set lease terms at 2-3 years. This is a very liberating choice for many drivers as there are no long-term commitments and the vehicle is not yours for the long haul. That means you could be in a brand new vehicle every few years.

The biggest perks to leasing a new Honda is that it’s significantly cheaper than financing and there are typically no down payments. This is because you are only paying for a percentage of the total cost of the vehicle. Something else to consider is that with lower monthly payments, you could potentially afford a fancier new Honda than you might have originally thought.

Once the lease is up, you simply return the car and upgrade to a newer model or free yourself entirely from any further action. In many cases, if you love the leased vehicle, there may be lease-to-own options available.

Of course, leasing a car does come with limitations. Because it is not your Honda and will be passed on to other drivers after you, there will be a reasonable mileage limit and you will not be able to customize your leased Honda.

Pros and Cons of FInancing Your Next Honda

When you buy a car, there is also a very liberating feeling as it is your car to do with it what you wish. You enjoy unlimited miles and are free to customize it as you wish. Once the loan term is up and the last of those loan payments are made, you own the car outright.

Another perk to buying your new Honda is that it becomes a great investment. When you own a vehicle, you can drive the car long into the future, sell it or trade it in as a great way to offset the price of a new vehicle.

To help maintain your Honda’s integrity and value and ensure its safety, it’s important to routinely schedule service from Honda of Gainesville’s exceptional service department. As good as it is, the service department is just one reason why more drivers opt for Honda of Gainesville. To learn about the value of our Finance Center, please keep reading.

Honda of Gainesville Finance Center to Make Every Move Smoothe

To help make the leasing vs. financing decision easier, the Honda of Gainesville Finance Center is comprised of outstanding experts to help you decide whether to lease or buy. Once you take a test drive and find the new Honda right for you, those in our finance center can work with you and your budget on everything from acquisition fees to monthly payments as a way of getting a comfortable plan in place.

As the premiere Honda dealer in Gainesville, FL, we encourage you to visit us today. Leasing vs. financing are both great options, but there will be one better suited for you. Schedule your appointment with the area’s preferred car dealership today.

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