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Buying a new car can be intimidating, especially if it’s your first time. Choosing from several vehicle models, deciding on which car is most dependable, and staying within budget are major concerns. However, there’s no reason to stress because your local Honda of Gainesville dealer is here to make your first time buying a car smooth and easy.

First Time Car Buyer

Credit Tips From Honda of Gainesville

As a twentysomething adult graduating from college, you should have some amount of credit built up no matter how big or small. However, don’t fret if you don’t have credit because it doesn’t take too long to build. Simply start with a gas card from a local gas station or a credit card from your bank. If you pay your bills on time and in full each month as you begin making purchases, then you’ll have a solid credit score in no time. Once you have developed good credit, it’s best to wait about six months before buying your first car.

If you have a lot of student loans racked up, you may have an advantage. Since student loans are installment payments, the same type of fees used for car financing, it shows that you’re a reliable buyer. Being fiscally responsible is the most important aspect of the car buying process.

Finding the Right Car for You in Gainesville, FL

Doing your research before stepping foot on a dealership’s parking lot is the best way to prepare yourself.. Knowing the value and worth of a vehicle before going to a dealership gives you a ballpark estimate of how much you should be paying. Dependable and accurate websites such as Kelley Blue Book and provide car reviews, industry reports, and payment calculators. Take advantage of these free resources to become educated about which cars are in your budget. The Honda Civic makes an excellent first car because it’s low maintenance and dependable.

If you’re shopping for used cars, then it’s crucial to get a vehicle history report before making a purchase. Vehicle history reports are available through the dealer or can be found online at While doing your research, pay close attention to repair issues. For example, if a car was in the shop five times in one year for the same problem, then you should probably start looking at a different car.

Making the Big Purchase

Once you’ve decided on a new or used car that you like, and it fits your budget, then you can begin filling out the paperwork. You will need to prove that you have a job with a pay stub or letter of employment before signing anything. Although it’s unlikely to get the best rates available because you’re a “higher risk,” manufacturers like Nissan and Jeep offer exclusive programs with lower rates for college graduates.

Saving for Maintenance Issues and Other Costs

It’s important to continue saving your money after buying your shiny new car. Keep in mind that you will need money to pay for routine repairs like new wiper and transmission fluid and oil changes. Not to mention, four new tires cost about $600.00 and are a necessity every five years. Knowing what to expect when making your purchase decision is beneficial for any car buyer. You’ll be a head of the game!

Driving your New Ride with Pride From Honda of Gainesville

Swing by Honda of Gainesville today and test drive our different vehicles to decide which one you like the best. We’re here to help walk you through your first time buying a car as well as celebrate your graduation by offering $500 savings on any new Honda. Visit our Honda and showroom and used car dealership located at 3801 N Main St. Gainesville, FL 32609 to check out our new and used Honda models. After choosing the right Honda for you and your budget, hop into your stylish new ride and cruise down the freeway with pride.

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