4 Essential Products to Splurge on for College Students

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Going to college is a monumental step in a young person’s life. It is not a transition to take lightly, and it is best to go in prepared. By now you know all of the basic school supplies you need (notebooks, folders, pens, pencils, etc.), but to truly be prepared for full-time college life you might need to spend some money on some less obvious school supplies.

For that reason, we here at Honda of Gainesville have created this list of important, less obvious back to school essentials that will help make your college experience as positive as possible.

Durable Backpack

Essential Products for College Students

Often overlooked is the school supplies checklist, the backpack is by far the most versatile and often used tool in any college student’s arsenal. Whether you are carrying books to class, a laptop to the library, clothes for a weekend trip to an away game, or party favors to the fraternity houses, your backpack is constantly in use. For this reason, it is best not to skimp on a cheap, flimsy backpack.

Many college students live completely out of their backpacks for an extended amount of time. For an item this important it is better to play it safe and go with something a little more upscale, like the Eddie Bauer Adventurer Backpack. This backpack is durable enough to last all four (or five) years of undergrad no matter what you put in there, and spacious enough to carry all of your books and other essentials at once.


Essential Products for College Students

Technology advances exponentially every year. As tablets become more and more popular their functionality increases, and some have even earned the title of a tablet/laptop hybrid. These hybrids are perfect for students, as their portability is ideal while still offering the essential functions of every laptop such as keyboard capability, Microsoft Office compatibility, and much more.

The best Hybrid available on the market as of this writing is the Microsoft Surface Pro 3. With more computing power than any of its tablet/laptop hybrid competitors, the Surface Pro 3 is more expensive than most other tablets, yet is still more reasonably priced than almost any laptop worth buying. Watch movies, type a paper, take notes in class, view presentations, download games, and do much more with this impressive hybrid.

Sports Equipment

Essential Products for College Students

Nobody is more popular around campus than the friend that has a football, Frisbee, soccer ball, or any other sports equipment in his room. Especially in Gainesville where the weather is always warm, outdoor activities are something that any college student can get behind, and where there are outdoor activities, there’s a guy with sports equipment.

Both Target and Sports Authority offer reasonably priced sports equipment and a variety of levels of quality. For college purposes, it is probably safer to go with the cheaper options because of the likelihood that they get lost or broken. However, if you consider yourself an enthusiast, and sports equipment is something you don’t mind splurging on, you might just become that much more popular for your $60 professional grade football.

Bluetooth Speaker

Essential Products for College Students

Another useful product to boost your popularity is the endlessly useful Bluetooth speaker. Nothing puts a damper on a tailgate quite like the lack of music. Sure you could blast some music from the speakers of your Honda Accord, but it just isn’t quite the same as a wireless, portable music player that you can take anywhere.

The Jawbone Big Jambox is a higher-end Bluetooth speaker with some of the best sound quality on the market next to Bose speakers. What makes this gem stand out is its portability along with its rugged, durable design and most importantly, its ability to blast music loudly without sacrificing sound quality. The Big Jambox is perfect for tailgates, a day at the beach, outdoor gatherings, or even crowded parties, making it the perfect Bluetooth speaker for the socially minded college student.

Find the Perfect Car for College Life at Honda of Gainesville

Honda CR-V

Going to college is a huge step in a young person’s life. It is best to be well prepared for this important time of learning and growth so that you or your loved one’s experience can be as positive as possible. If you’re looking to buy a car for your college experience, look no further than Honda of Gainesville. We have a fully stocked inventory of both new and used cars for sale, and we are determined to get you a good deal on the right car for you.

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